Mid – September 2012

September 2012… You need to be prepared as the erratic energy of Uranus and Pluto continue to challenge and shake up your world. Its like driving in NYC or Boston traffic… But you can also use this months helpful Sun Mercury Conjunction to help you navigate through the noise and find a better route to where you want to go. That’s the power of Astrology and here’s how you can use it to help you

Aries -. The Sun and Mercury transiting your sixth house brings a sense of empowerment to your work. You will be willing to take on more responsibility and you may have more success where others have failed. Your mind is sharp and your abilities well focused. Use the power of your mind to bring new creative solutions to old problems. Creative ideas will help you get ahead and you may get a bonus for your efforts. Your feeling of success will also bring new energy so take this time to improve your overall diet and health.

Taurus – The Sun and Mercury transiting your fifth house brings a new sense of possibility into creative and romantic ventures. Love and romance can be on your agenda but you must be a bit serious about what you want otherwise you may be seen as superficial. That is exactly what you want to avoid because you’re seeking a way to express your inner light with others. You must communicate with meaning and say what you feel in your heart. If you have children give them some extra positive attention. Creativity can be used to solve problems.

Gemini – Sun and Mercury transiting your fourth house brings an opportunity to focus on home and family issues. This may take some extra time and you may need to take care of fix up and repairs around the house but this is a great time to get things done. It also a good time to repair any emotional problems with your spouse or children. Talk out any plans you have for the future for everyone needs to be on the same page. Too much noise and not enough focus could cause confusion. This is a good time to make adjustments to your daily routine

Cancer – The Sun and Mercury transiting your third house can bring extra activity into your surroundings. Use your head to keep ahead of the work load. It will help to maintain a clear mind and a logical approach. You may have to travel and communications should keep you busy. This is a great time to start a new course of study especially in the area of computers or science. You’ll get the details right. The demands of work or study may have your mind in a tizzy so don’t make mistakes. Approach all communications issues with a patience.

Leo – The Sun and Mercury transiting your second house tells you its time for accounting. Make sure you know how much money you have and where its going. This is an excellent time to measure the effectiveness of your investments and to use your ingenuity to make money. You are interested in developing a plan that will lead to more security so don’t spend foolishly. You may have some inspired ideas so use your creativity or personal talents to attract financial rewards. This may also be a good time to improve your future potential through education.

Virgo – The Sun and Mercury transiting your first house helps put your talents for precision and detail before others. Your power of communications is enhanced so other people will understand what your saying and the actions you are taking to achieve success. This is a great time for you to fix things because you have great insight and detailed understanding. Your personality can shine and attract new people into your life. This is a great time to clean up your act, concentrate on what you’re trying to convey to others and use your mental and physical power.

Libra -. The Sun and Mercury transiting your twelfth house tells you to be a bit more introspective. This is not the time to feel worried about the world for that can lead to a sense of powerlessness and confusion. Accept the fact that the world is going through change and adjust yourself to it. You may gain great insight into yourself through meditation which can lead to inner clarity and a healthy outlook. This is the also the house of spirituality so quiet activities can restore your faith in yourself. Don’t allow fear to confuse you. Keep peace in your heart and soul

Scorpio – The Sun and Mercury transiting your eleventh house may bring some great opportunities through your interaction with social or professional groups. You may see the bigger picture better than most so don’t get sidetracked by other’s fears, confusion and limitations. You may be a bit visionary now so use this time to reach out to friends and associates to get projects moving in the right direction. The key is to foster a sense of direction and cooperation. You are a powerful and inspired leader but you may also need the help of others to achieve your goals.

Sagittarius – The Sun and Mercury transiting your tenth house shines a bright light on the area of career achievement and social recognition. You’re not always known for your love of details but check everything twice to make sure things are right. You don’t want the little things to go wrong when you have big plans. This is an important time to make new contracts, sign lucrative deals and move your career ahead. If you handle your responsibilities now you will be rewarded by those in power. Remember, expertise and a clear vision puts you in front of the pack.

Capricorn – The Sun and Mercury transiting your ninth house may open your mind to new ideas and a broader understanding of the world. This is a good time to travel or to start a new course of study. But you should be seeking to expand on the details that you already know. If you travel, try to understand the different cultural values that you encounter, they can round you out as a person. This may also stimulate new ideas and a new more creative approach to your life. If you are a professional knowledge gained now can bring recognition in your field of practice.

Aquarius – The Sun and Mercury transiting your eighth house is a powerful stimulus to your inner emotional needs. This house involves you with other people on a deep level. You need to know how you are connected with them on a financial and intimate level. You can be very intuitive at this time so follow your instincts and psychic impressions. If you are clear your emotions will not interfere but rather enhance your logical and practical abilities. Since this is an intimate area of the chart you should sense how to use your sensual and emotional power.

Pisces – The Sun and Mercury transiting your seventh house the area that connects you to other people through relationships and public relations. This is an excellent time to bring clarity into all of your relationships, private, business and public. Either you or a partner may step out on the stage of life – make sure you know what you’re doing. You may be influenced by the ideas of another or their powerful and dynamic personality. You could decide to become a leader yourself. If you do, make sure that you are willing to serve with your heart as well as your head..