Leo – Mercury begins the year retrograde in your 5 house until the 8 th suggesting house romantic plans are subject to change, so don’t be disappointed. He retrogrades back into your 9 house 4/9 – 5/3 warning you to allow other people to have their point of view. You must focus on the future. From 8/12 – 9/5 he retrogrades into your 2 house LEO – bringing a need for common sense in investments and budgets. Don’t overextend yourself financially. His final retrograde is from 12/3 – 12/22 in your house 5 warning you to be careful with romance and creative projects. Be sensible.

Leo – Venus – smiles on you from 2/4 – 6/6 it’s time to get out and enjoy physical activities and hang out in your favorite social group. Go slowly 3/4 – 4/15 while she’s RX. Loving moments can touch the depth of your heart when she’s in your sign from 8/27 – 9/20. New adventures and far away places call to you from 12/2 -12/26.

Leo – Mars visits your sign 7/21 – 9/5. Your ambition is increased and a need for recognition can push you into the spotlight but you need to make wise choices. Romance captures your heart. Mars challenges your courage and determination in April & December.

Leo – Jupiter transits Libra through October and your 3 house bringing opportunities to expand your mind. Assimilate knowledge and communicate new ideas. Opportunity for change and travel are all around you. Jupiter opposes Uranus at the beginning of March and end of September so expect unusual learning opportunities.

Leo – Saturn transits your 5 house all year. Romance and creativity have led to frustration or joy. Creativity is different for each person but creativity and pleasure should lead to happiness. Change your goals to find real satisfaction. Saturn trines Uranus in November giving you a new sense of personal ambition.

Leo – Uranus transiting your 9 house continues to give you an opportunity to understand the rules of your culture and how to use them to find success. Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 8 house increasing your sensitivity and opens you to spiritual knowledge. Pluto in your 6 house helps you develop powerful techniques to gain greater personal satisfaction.