Leo – Jupiter moves direct in your 1 house till 8/11 bringing a new wave of positive energy. You’ll have the courage to conquer personal restrictions and express your true feelings. You were meant to shine and this can be your moment. A Positive attitude brings positive results by opening doors to new opportunities so act with confidence and optimism. Express yourself with courage and expand your realm of influence. Generosity wins the day.

Leo – Pluto Retrograde in the 6 th house of daily routines compels you to examine the connection between a healthy mind and body. You need to be as efficient as possible so you can complete important work projects. Bad habits and attitudes must go so you can render service at a higher level. Diet and exercise not only protects your body but keeps your mind sharp. That’s a life pattern aimed for success. Fear not.

Leo – Mercury joins Mars in your10 th house of career. Your ambition and drive for success is increased and you’ll be willing to work hard. Practical ideas may get the go ahead from those in power but you must maintain flexibility. Discipline and hard work help you overcome obstacles and you may gain personal recognition. But do not steam roll over others.