Leo – Jupiter retrograde in your 2 house can bring concerns with spending so watch your budget and any tendency to splurge. Check your bank balance before you go on a shopping spree. Know what you value and what you need. Improve your talents.
Leo – Saturn’s retrograde in your 5 suggests you review what you’ve learned from the adventures of your life. Have you been lucky in love or have you felt disappointment Love and creative expression should bring joy. If it hasn’t chart a new course.

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Leo – Mercury enters your 10 house. State your ideas and ambitions as clearly as possible. They may make sense to important people and help open doors to success.
Venus brings her charm to your 9 house adding a sense of openness to new ideas and abstract thinking. Your mind is excited by new possibilities and you may want to plan an exotic vacation away from the crowd.

Leo – Mars goes retrograde in your 5 – consider the actions you have taken in romance. Don’t over romanticize the past experiences. Creative projects may have to be put on the back burner or adjusted. Have fun, but control your passion and impulsive actions. Children may need some extra attention.

Leo – Pluto Retrograde in the 6 th house of daily routines compels you to examine the connection between a healthy mind and body. You need to be as efficient as possible so you can complete important work projects. Bad habits and attitudes must go so you can render service at a higher level. Diet and exercise not only protects your body but keeps your mind sharp. That’s a life pattern aimed for success. Fear not.