Leo – (1) the month begins with a New Moon in your 9 house. It is also joined by Mercury and Chiron. This concentration of energy will increase your need for excitement and adventure. You may want to take the lead, overcome limitations and let everyone know what you believe. Do something for your ambitions as the spotlight may be on you. Just remember that Mars is conjunct Saturn in your 7 house so make sure you behave when in public or when dealing with your partners. You want to impress people with your will and ability o handle business.

Leo – (2) the second week features a powerful Square between Mercury in the 9 and Pluto in the 6 warning you to be careful with communications in business or work situations. Details are important. A conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in your 8 th house and the sign Pisces can bring opportunities in joint business investments if you follow your intuition. This is also fabulous energy for deepening intimacy. The Full Moon on the 16 th brings emotions to the surface with communications and travel. Tread carefully for emotions are high.

Leo – (3) the third week begins with an energetic conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in your 10 house warning you to be careful in career and social situations. Communications and new technology new your focus. A square between the Sun in your 9 house and Pluto in the 6 th warns against being too ambitious in your career. You may have good ideas but they may have to be proven before moving ahead for Mercury in the 10 will square Saturn in the 7 at the end of the week. Saturn will demand a conservative approach and he will reward hard work and elbow grease

Leo – (4) the fourth week has a major conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and your 8 th house. This is a powerful yet subtle combination of energy that can bring a sense of regeneration to your life. You need to focus your energy on deepening your intuitive abilities. You must also listen to partners and consider their needs. You may add sensuality, love and spirituality to a relationship taking it to a deeper level of commitment. Pluto going RX in your 6 house may give you some time to re-evaluate your daily routines and work habits.