Leo – The month begins as Mercury in your 12th house opposes Pluto in your sixth house of work and service. The petty details of life can become overwhelming if you give them power. This can lead to fear, a loss of effectiveness, and low energy. A spike of energy occurs on the fourth when Mars in the 9 squares Jupiter in your sixth house of health and work. Be willing to make adjustments in your daily routine. A sensible diet, exercise, and work will help you. Mars in the 9 stimulates your need to understand the power of belief. The square to Pluto on the 13 th in your 6 th house intensifies your need for efficiency as new demands are placed on your work and personal schedules. Uranus turns retrograde on the 15 th in your 10 th house & asks you to review any changes you’ve made to your career or social ambitions. Neptune in your 8th House. This is an extremely powerful if not subtle transit which can open the power of your imagination and spirituality. Your psychic power is increased. Neptune’s trine to Venus on the 27 th in the 12 brings the power of your dreams to life.