Leo, The month begins with a gentle burst of energy that highlights your fifth house, Be open to new romantic and creative possibilities. You might get wow reviews so express yourself..

Leo – Venus in the 4 th house puts a wonderful glow on intimate family activities. Take out the decorations, paint the living room, buy something new for your family or plan a family vacation. You are very aware of the emotional needs of family members and you are willing to support them as well. Please realize your generosity and warmth are a powerful source of inspiration.

Leo – Mars in the 3 stimulates your mind and may give you a bit of wanderlust. You’ll want to go places and do things. Your mind may be sharp but your words may be competitive so watch the tone of your voice and the words you write. His Opposition to Uranus on December 10 th in the 9 suggests you need to use common sense when dealing with people you don’t know. Take nothing for granted and keep yourself safe. Some people will make promises they can’t keep. Stay aware and awake.

Leo – the Full Moon Christmas illuminates your 12 th house of spiritual and secretive matters. Its important that you don’t get strung out from extra activities. You’d be wise to take some down time. Listen to your feelings and dreams. They are telling you about the future and that takes quiet and meditation. Everyone has emotional fears and secrets keep yours to yourself.