Leo – The month begins with Venus in the 3 rd house Square to Pluto in the 6 th house and the Moon in the 5 th. This is a challenging energy that pits ideas of fun and pleasure against work. Make sure you handle your responsibilities first and than you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. The emphasis on energy and pleasure takes center stage as the Sun Conjuncts Mars in the 5 th house. Try to use your passion in a productive and creative manner. If you do not a square from Saturn to both the Sun and Mars from the 8 th house of shared energy may create some uncomfortable moments with partners who are seeking a more stable approach and less adventure. Use your head and be cooperative.

Leo – week 2 shines under the New moon in your 5 th house bringing a new cycle of creativity and romantic possibilities. You can sense the opportunities tat are surrounding you. Mercury goes retrograde in the 6 th house of daily routines on the 13 th telling you to watch the details especially at work. He trines Jupiter in the 10 th bringing news concerning new opportunities in your career but you must be careful with bosses who may change their mind. An Opposition between Jupiter 10 th and Venus in the 4 th temps you to be extravagant as you bet on the future But a Saturn trine to Venus from the 8 th house will help stabilize your emotions so you don’t act too quickly on future potentials.

Leo – The 3 week begins with the Sun in your 5 th house Squared to Neptune in the 8 th. The energy of the Sun may be inspiring you to expand creative projects and romantic possibilities. However, the square to Neptune in the eight house tells you may not be on the same page as your partners. You need to clarify your plans. Venus in the 4 th house Squares the Moon in the 7 th warning you that you need to keep an eye on your basic need for security. If you do not feel centered you will not be able to be productive. Cooperation with partners or co workers may be as bit difficult to achieve this week since Mercury continues retrograde in the 6 th house suggesting a mix up in communications.

Leo – 4 The month ends with The Sun entering Capricorn and your 6 th house focusing on the traditions of the season and how they will fit into your daily routines. You may have some extra energy and you may need it to balance fun with responsibilities. You may also see a Christmas bonus as the Sun trines generous Jupiter in the 10 th bringing a reward for work well done. Just remember to save some since Venus in the 4 also trines Neptune 8 which makes everyone feel spiritually uplifted and a bit lose with money and pleasure. However, Mercury is still retrograde and Mars in the 5 th brings a note of caution since your need for pleasure may overcome your sense of reality.