Leo -The first week has a Full Moon in your 1 house bringing excessive emotional feelings to your personality. You really like standing out in the crowd but you must have a good reason or purpose to do so successfully. This can be a difficult or positive energy according to how you use it. Don’t be too excessive or dramatic and don’t lose control, especially in public. Jupiter moves forward in your 9th h bringing a sense of optimism and new possibilities. Don’t be stuck in the past look for new opportunities to put ambitious plans into action. You future may be looking bright

Leo -The second week has lovely Venus in your 8th h This is a good time for joint ventures and investments. Make sure you are careful with spending on frivolous baubles that make you feel good but don’t have any real lasting value. She will conjunct Neptune on the 15 th joining the higher and lower love natures together. You may have a spiritual and sensual awakening. This is a powerful combination of energy on the psychic and creative levels so you may connect deeply with partners. advancement comes through intimate connections.

Leo -The third week has a Sun-Saturn conjunction so it is time for a serious look at how you get along with business and personal partners. You need to be a bit less judgmental and you must make sure you are listening to their needs. If you feel frustrated or limited by your relationships you may have to make adjustments or change your attitude. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20 th asks you to take a break from financial or intimate issues so you can clear your head and listen carefully to your intuition.

Leo -The fourth week has a Stellium with Venus joining the Moon and Jupiter in Aries and your ninth house of the higher mind. They are also joined by Chiron the wounded healer. This is a powerful and positive combination of energy that brings a boost to your ambitions. This is a good time to study, travel and begin new adventures. Make sure you understand the rules to success so you can put your personal plan into action. This is a time of expansion and a bit of good luck. What you begin now may bring positive rewards in the future.