Leo – Your power card is the Queen of Cups and the power day for February is the 14 th. Venus, Mars, and Pluto are conjunct in your 7 th house. This is the house of relationships, business and personal, contracts and coming before the public. . Venus and Mars represent creative and romantic energy. You may be feeling amorous and spontaneous. However, with Pluto involved you must take nothing for granted. As the planet of jealousy, manipulation and mystery he suggests you must be be open and honest with what you say and do. Cooperation will get you much further than selfishness. If there are any problems with romantic and business partners take care of them now or they may have a devastating affect. The same goes for any legal issues or contracts you are considering. Know exactly to what responsibilities you are committing yourself.

Your power card is the Queen of Cups which represents you are a very creative and sensitive person. You must use your feelings and ability to heal yourself and others to find success.