Leo – Your power card is the Ten of Swords and the power day for January is the 20 th. the Sun conjuncts Pluto as he moves into Aquarius and activates your 7 th house. This is an exciting energy that can have a powerful yet subtle affect. It can give you a deep psychic understanding into what is going on in your business and personal relationships. You may sense any negative feelings that need to be improved or rooted out. This is an energy that suggests the death of old outworn conditions so new conditions can bring a total change to your life. There is also a possibility of legal issues. You are standing at the precipice of the future and may be feeling alone or left out. But this is the time to begin again and open yourself to new possibilities. You may be able to connect with partners on a new and deeper level. If you feel your personal situation is never going to improve you may allow it to end. This is also an important time to understand how you inter act with the general public.

Your power card is the ten of Swords which represent a time of completion. You have struggled in the past now keep your eyes open for a new opportunities.