Leo –the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 12th house of limitations with your 2nd house of resources You have a green light to step away from the world and energize your inner being. You’re not trying to hide but you are taking time to heal. This will strengthen your spiritual nature and help you feel a real sense of substance. Clarify your dreams and combine them with your talents to find future success.

Leo – The Sun and Mercury in your 12th house oppose Pluto in your sixth house of work and service. Sometimes the petty details of life can become over whelming. This can lead to fear, a loss of effectiveness and low energy. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 9 suggests you need to open your mind and gain new understanding. You values and beliefs may be in conflict with others. Take time for meditation to balance body, mind and spirit.

Leo – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 1 will be helpful in all types of personal expression. This is a great time to combine your intellectual and emotional abilities. If you do so, you can win over the hearts and minds of others. The trine to Saturn in your 5 suggests you take a practical approach to creative projects and romantic affairs. Express the best side of your personality to build understanding and trust. Your life will feel more complete and you’ll be more satisfied.