Leo – The month begins with Venus Square Uranus under the light of a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn and the 6 th house of your chart. This is a good time to begin a diet or a new work routine. You can be very productive and efficient at work. Venus in the 1 st turns on your personality. You enjoy being in the spot light and getting attention. But the Square to Uranus in the 10 th warns you to watch what you do in career situations. If you act too flamboyantly it may seem to bosses that you are being irresponsible. The week ends as the Moon Conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 8 th House. This is a little more sobering and it should help you keep an eye on your responsibilities

Leo – week 2 begins as Mercury in the 12 th house opposes Pluto in the 6 warning you to watch what you say in private conversations especially about your own insecurities concerning your personal limitations or problems at work. This is a good time to keep secrets to yourself. Part of this is the critical nature of Mars as he enters Virgo and your 2 nd house of money and resources. This is a good time to be efficient with projects and work that can help you make more money. Just remember you may need to save some for a rainy day. The Moon will conjunct Uranus in your 10 th house of status which is a disruptive energy so make sure you handle your responsibilities and duties at work.

Leo – The 3 week begins Mercury Leo (1) Squares Jupiter in Taurus (10). There is a lot of power in this aspect but you must be careful not to allow negative energy to color your mind. This challenge asks you to express yourself as a determined and practical person. Your ambitions can drive you forward if you can focus your mind and your ideas. The Sun trines Neptune in the 8 th house which can bring a sense of inspiration to help you with partners. Make sure you listen to the deep still voice within for guidance. You must be careful as the week ends with a thud as Mars 2 Opposes Saturn 8 which can lead to financial loss and the Sun 12 Opposes Pluto 6 which suggests you need to meditate for clarity.

Leo – 4 The month ends as Mars 2 separates from Saturn 8 easing any tension and strife that was in the air (between your personal resources and resources of others. It’s a good time to take a break from the pressure.) There still will be excitement in the air as Mercury in the 1 house squares Uranus in the 10 th. This can open up unexpected opportunities if you can control your mind and your mouth. Check your brilliant ideas at the door if they can’t be used in a practical manner to make money. Lovely Venus may smooth out any communications glitches as she joins Mercury in your 1 st house which adds a great deal of charm to your personality. Use it with wisdom.