Leo – the new Moon falls in your 8 th house of rebirth and sensuality.  You need to stop and listen to your psychic intuition concerning your commitments to others.  If your experiences have been good deepen them.  If not, you may have to take a new course of action.

Saturn Retrogade
Leo – You must learn from your deepest personal experiences.  Do you feel emotionally secure or inadequate?  Is your home and family the rock that builds personal confidence so you can meet your duties in the outer world?  If you aren’t getting support you must find out why.  You may have to re balance family and career duties.

Mars Retrograde
Leo – reevaluate the action was taken a regard to learning and travel.  Knowledge is power but it cannot be gained through force.  Stay focused and organized.  you must be efficient and not flighty.  Words have the power to heal wound.  Communicate with gentleness and caring.