Leo – The month begins on a note of caution as the last quarter moon conjuncts Saturn in your 5 house and squares Jupiter in the 2. You may be receiving mixed messages as Saturn brings delay and Jupiter optimism. You need to balance these opposing forces since your need for fun and pleasure feels delayed and you may blow the budget on a passing fancy. You would be wise to control your pleasure principle so you have the money to spend when the real party begins.

Leo -Mars is transiting your 5 house of creativity and personal expression. This energy can stimulate your pleasure principle and the power of your desires. Your sensuality is strong and you’re willing to pursue your impulses. Be careful for you may come on too strong and not follow common sense. Use this energy to excite your inner child, begin important creative projects, deepen your connection to another and share your sense of joy with the world.

Leo – the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in the 8 will inspire you in all types of intimate interactions with business and personal partners. Your psychic power is increased and your sensuality may bring amazing experiences through partners. Just remember that manipulation can lead you down the wrong road. Keep your desires clear and your sensitivity may become a wonderful blessing. Use the power of your magnetic personality to inspire others.

Leo – a complex T – square pits the pleasure planet Venus in your 8 of shared energy against expansive Jupiter in your 2 of resources while restrictive Saturn goes stationary rx in your 5 of romance & pleasure. This is a tricky aspect that may leave you feeling at odds with yourself. You may be dreaming of how to achieve a deeper sense of intimacy with your partner. But you need to understand their focus may be on more the more practical affairs of life. Saturn’s retrograde warns you that this is not time for over indulgence. Hard work now will bring opportunities for pleasure later.