Leo – (1) the month begins with 3 planets in three signs energizing your 6 – 7 & 8 th houses. The Venus Mars-Pluto conjunction exposes secrets, instigates violence and may put political leaders in danger. You may see changes in your work, health, and daily routines. Make adjustments when necessary. Mercury Saturn and the Moon together in the 7 th house can bring new responsibilities in partnerships. the Sun Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and your 8 th house asks you to share your intuition with financial partners. Intimacy can be exciting

Leo – (2) the second week begins with Venus and Mars moving into Aquarius and your 7 house. This is a positive aspect that energizes your partnerships and public image. It can bring opportunities through partners and public announcements. You should spend creative time with your partner as there is a hint of romance in the air. The Moon will trine Pluto from the 10 to sixth houses increasing your awareness of work responsibilities. There may be opportunities to increase your production or expertise and this can have a dramatic effect on your job future and money.

Leo – (3) the third week highlights a major focus of energy in your 8 house with Mercury, Jupiter Neptune and the Sun all in the highly sensitive psychic sign Pisces. This is a great time to deepen your spiritual connection with partners. Your intuition can help you in business and investments and you may feel you are able to connect with people on a deeper psychic level. You may find that you know what people need in their emotions. Helping them visualize your understanding of the process of renewal can be a powerful tool for the rebirth of their potential.

Leo – (4) the fourth week has the Sun entering your 9 house and you may feel hyped up and ready to follow your ambitions. This is a powerful and inspiring energy that can increase your ability to push your agenda. A little effort can help you realize your dreams. Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in your 8 th house may bring messages from psychic sources or your spiritual imagination. Listen carefully for there may be opportunities to expand your understanding. This is a good time to invest. Mars Square Uranus warns you to maintain a professional attitude in your career.