Leo – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 10th House suggests that diligence and paying attention to details will be extremely important when working on important career projects. There is a lot of confusing energy around that can foul up communications. Some important messages can be lost or misunderstood. Seek perfection but criticism may be destructive. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd will help eliminate any misunderstanding and bring a new sense of direction in your career and social position.

Leo – Jupiter moves direct in your 2 house of money bringing a new wave of energy that lifts obstacles and can bring opportunities for personal growth and financial reward. You may thank your lucky stars as you invest in yourself and your talents. This can lead to real growth and the ability to expand your personal power. Wise investments go beyond a lucky break. Education and travel teach lessons that become invaluable future assets.

Leo – the Full Moon falls in your 5th house of romance and creativity. Keep one eye on business but remember to simplify your life so you can have a bit more fun. Your pleasure principle is on high and you may be a bit over sensitive. Romantic partners need the royal treatment and you’ll be rewarded if you give them love. Creative projects may also need attention, so get to it.

Leo – Venus in the 11 house inspires you to contact friends or go out with new people you’ll feel you’re part of a social group. Opportunity may come through the arts and entertainment. Her opposition to Mars in the 5 house warns not to gamble with other people’s resources unless you have their full agreement and cooperation. You should also not allow the pleasure principle to blind your common sense. Stay away from jealousy and manipulation in romance.