Leo – (1) the month begins with the Sun Conjunct Uranus in your 10 house of status. If you are too radical you may face a backlash from others as Saturn will square the Sun mid-week. Mercury and Venus will move into Gemini and your 11 house bringing the urge to spend time with social groups.
(2) the second week begins with a New Moon in your 10 house of status. This begins a new cycle of opportunity. Jupiter enters Pisces and your 8 house of shared energy. Follow your intuition and listen to your psychic impressions.
(3) the third week the sun enters your 11 house of associates. Saturn goes retrograde in your 7 house. You must learn from the experiences in your personal commitments.
(4) The fourth week begins with a Full Moon that challenges you to control your pleasure principle. This can be difficult for there is also a square to Neptune. To compound the issue Mercury goes retrograde in its own sign and your 11 house.