Leo – The month begins with a Sun-Mercury conjunction in your 10 house of career. This is a good time to focus on your personal ambitions. You need to network with powerful people who can help you get ahead. Midweek, a subtle Venus Neptune Square connects your 11 and 8 house. Clarity will be needed when dealing with shared projects and group expectations. Misinformation and confusion can cause feelings of distrust. You must understand the power of cooperating on a common goal. A gentle Full Moon and Venus Jupiter sextile will bring more optimism to your ambitions and help you feel you have support from associates. This can be a good time to network to get ahead.

Leo -week 2 opens with the Sun conjunct Uranus in your 10 house of career and social position. This energy is erratic and unpredictable and may bring unexpected changes in your career situation. You may have some unusual ideas and you may be willing to try new experiences. People in power may feel you are too willful and radical so watch your actions. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. A logical approach is necessary. You may have creative and original ideas but they must be practical. Mercury sextiles and Venus trines Saturn in the 8 th house suggesting you may need to focus on cooperating with others. This may be the main ingredient needed to achieve success.

Leo – The 3 week begins as Mercury goes direct in your 10 house, followed by positive aspects to Neptune and Saturn in the 8 th. These positive energies balance off a powerful and challenging Jupiter Pluto Square from your 9 th to 7 th house. This challenge warns to pay attention to the plans of your business or relationship partners they may be too optimistic or potentially dangerous. Avoid power struggles. This becomes more important as the week ends and Mars opposes Pluto from the 12 th to 7 th house. You must balance your personal limitations and fears against other’s need to advance. The Sun trine Pluto from your 10 th house may help if you put your energy to work in a practical manner.

Leo – 4 The month ends with easy aspects from Venus to Uranus which can increase romantic attractions and a Sun sextile to Mars which may give you the confidence to pursue them. However, a Square from Mars in the 1 st to Jupiter in the 10th house warns you that you may need to control your actions in career or social situations. You may be overstepping boundaries. If you do not pay attention to social norms you may be headed for frustration. This is reinforced by a Square between the Sun in your 11 th house and Saturn in the 8 th. There may be some emotional energies that would create a difficult situation. You must maintain your common sense and acceptable behavior.