Leo – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your second house to open up the month. Use the first week to work out any budgetary issues so you know exactly where you stand financially. Once you have a good accounting you may find a little extra to spend. Choose carefully for every dollar you spend is an investment in pleasure and there is some impulsiveness in the air. The Secret Of Love is sharing generosity

Leo – the New Moon on Nov 11 falls in your 4 th house of foundations. This is a complex and intense Moon that combines the power of Scorpio and the energy of the Sun and Mercury. You can be generous and warm to a fault. But now your feelings must be based on the depth of your heart and not just your outward emotions. You must realize that real security and inner power is not built on external love but the strength of the love you feel in your heart and soul.

Leo – Venus transiting Libra, the sign she rules and your 3 house of mind is great for assimilating new ideas, sharing them with your colleagues and seeking new adventures. Don’t waste this time staying home, its time to make new friends. However her opposition to disruptive Uranus 9 warns you to be careful with some of the ideas you encounter. Its nice to have a friendly debate but religious and political differences can become too heated.

Leo – the Saturn Neptune Square is a challenge of divergent forces that pits reality against illusion. Saturn in your 5 demands you take a responsible approach to you personal pursuit of love and pleasure. Over indulgence will not be tolerated. But Neptune in the 8 intensifies your need for the sensual and visionary side of life. Aim to balance your intimate needs with another’s.