Leo – Neptune in your 8th House of the psychic is an extremely powerful if not subtle transit which can open the power of your imagination and spirituality. Your psychic power is increased and your sensuality may bring amazing experiences through partners. Do not try to manipulate or hypnotize others with your magnetism for this can backfire on you. Clarity is extremely important. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 4 shines blessings on your home and family. You can create peace and joy within your family.

Leo Uranus 9 has disrupted your mind and belief systems. You must listen carefully to capture the great ideas that may come your way. Flexibility and a sense of adventure will help steer you out of the past and lead you to an exciting and bright new future. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 5 house increases your ability to seek out and enjoy pleasure. If you’re single, meet new people if not take a romantic journey with your mate.

Leo – Mars moves into in your 7 stimulating your interaction with people in business or personal affairs. If you had difficulty or misunderstandings during the past 3 months its time to revisit your plans. Negotiate to finesse business deals that are fair to all involved and take action to improve your personal relations. Its time to move ahead with courage and conviction

Leo – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 5 warns you to control the pleasure principle and extravagance. Fantasies may not lead to reality. And you need to think before you act. Impulsive action may cause confusion so don’t disappoint yourself. The reality of the person or object you desire may disappoint you. The same thing may be said about creative projects. You think your ideas are brilliant but they may lack comm sense.

Leo – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 6 intensifies the need for efficiency as new demands are placed on your work and personal schedules. New techniques can increase production and attract new possibilities for success. Be willing to increase your knowledge of new technology. The square from Jupiter in your 3 house is excessive & warns you to control your criticisms. Other people may see you as pushy or excessive. You would be wise to focus so listen carefully and analyze what you hear.