Leo – Mercury Retrograde in 3rd house warns you to be aware of the details of everyday life. Lots of mental energy is swirling around inside your head and you’ll need to maintain clarity of thought or confusion will rear its ugly head. Other people around you may be experiencing a bit of fear so use negotiating skills and a bit of patience to communicate needed information. Check any travel plans twice and think over big decisions carefully. Aim for Clarity

Leo -the Lunar Eclipse in your 9 th house conjunct Uranus suggests balance must be maintained or you may experience a conflict between your beliefs and the ideals of others. Beliefs are powerful and can lead to war and hatred. The nightly news documents that fear and mistrust between cultures and religions can explode. The same can occur between people. Watch your ego when dealing with people you do not know. Understanding will create peace and prosperity, inflexibility creates discord. Unique ideas can find broad acceptance if presented in a simple form.

Leo – Venus in the 4 th house puts a wonderful sparkle on family activities. Do some yard work, paint the kitchen buy something new for your home or take a family vacation. Family members may have their own needs so you consider them as well. And please realize they might not be feeling as inspired as you are.