Leo – The month begins with as beautiful Venus in your 4 house trines sensitive Neptune on the 1 st in your 8 house . You are emotional and creative and your sensitivity receives a boost of magnetic energy. Your sensuality is increased so remember the old saying, it’s better to give than to receive. Unselfish action can bring benefits you will truly enjoy.

Leo – a spike of energy occurs when Mars in the 6 squares Jupiter on the 5 th in your third house of communications. Be cautious and stay aware of what’s happening in at work and what you say. Mercury’s square to Jupiter suggests sharp words can cause problems. New ideas will come your way but they must be tested. If they prove helpful, assimilates them into your knowledge base.

Leo – a powerful square from the Sun on the 7 th in your 3 house of communications to Pluto in your 6 house of work and service. The petty details of life can become over whelming. You may need some quiet and rest. The Square to Pluto in your 6 th demands efficiency in work and health so use your energy carefully. You may be able to to connect your ambition and new productive techniques.

Leo – Mars conjunct Pluto on the 19 th in your 6 intensifies your daily routines. Work and health must be a primary focus. You can overcome obstacles by being efficient. This is a breakthrough time, so handle responsibility. Improve your abilities. When Mars Squares Uranus in your 9 on the 28 th new and unusual ideas may come your way and point you to the future. Make sure they’re logical. You can be a bit over zealous and a law unto yourself. Stay away from violent places and build understanding.

Leo – Venus has been shining her light in your 5 enhancing a sense of peaceful enjoyment to romantic and creative pursuits. Use this time to enjoy the process of creative expression or take a new flame on a romantic date. But her conjunction to Saturn on the 29 th reminds you to stay focused on important creative projects. If you spend all your time partying with friends or chasing rainbows you may miss an important opportunity.