Leo – Venus and Mars the cosmic lovers are moving together in your first house. You may feel you know exactly how to act but think again. Venus is retrograde so you may have a bit of an issue with your ego. Take this warning carefully since Mars will excite you into action without thinking of the consequences. Yes this can be a good aspect and it can bring opportunity your way. Don’t play with the heart and feelings, make sure they’re real.

Leo – the solar eclipse on the 13 th is a powerful New Moon that effects your second house of resources It gives you the opportunity to reorganize your finances. You enjoy being able to splurge on the things you want but you also want to feel financial stability. Its easy spend impulsively and you can think of all the excitement new things can bring into your life. However earning money is more important than spending. Practical wisdom suggests you work on some earning and saving ideas.

Leo – Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 5 house for the next two years on September 18 th. Its time to get real about your creativity and your love life. You need to know how to build success by developing your creative talents and abilities. This can be a frustrating time but you need to work through it. You need to adjust to challenges and work through any feelings of inferiority and loneliness. Even Van Gogh had his bad days. The key is too find a systematic approach that will work for you so you can enjoy the pleasures of life. Curb excess so you can move ahead.