Libra Mercury is retrograde Scorpio – 1/5 – 1/25 & 12/19 – end of the year in 4 house keep peace in the family by balancing your career and family responsibilities. 4/28 – 5/22 in 8 other people can be over sensitive and confused give them extra time to settle down. 8/30 – 9/22 in 12 future plans may have to be delayed. perfect them now.

Libra – Venus – smiles on you from 5/25 – 6/18 when socializing brings you the contact with bubbly people. Say the right words and make great connection. She brings opportunities for love and pleasure from 8/31 – 9/24 when her light enhances your beauty helping you stand out in the crowd. Negotiate for who and what you want. From 12/8 – the end of the year she’ll bring you into contact with unique, intellectual and creative people.

Libra – Mars begins the year in your 2 house increasing your interest to making money and investments. He enters your 3 house and focuses your attention on expressing your ideas. Move with care from 4/17 – 5/29 when he retrogrades. The pace quickens from June till the end of the year when personal security and family issues need attention.

Libra – Jupiter starts the year retrograde in Virgo and your 12 house. This is a good time to take a rest from the hustle and bustle of the work and focus on your inner growth. Hidden fears may be holding you back so clarify your emotions. He moves into your sign and your 1 house on September 9 a new cycle of growth and opportunity has come your way. Perfect your public relations skills, be sensitive and caring and you’ll make many friends.

Libra – Saturn transits Sagittarius and your 3. You have been given the opportunity to learn and understand what you need to know about your surroundings and how you can be more successful by communicating your expertise to your community. His year long dance with Neptune 6 will be exact in June and September giving your talents a creative boost. You need to use your vision and learn to focus your creativity in a practical manner. Your daily routine must include time for healing and imagining. Saturn gives form and structure, Neptune imagination and faith.

Libra – the Uranus – Pluto Square has instigated crisis in the world and change in our lives. But now the intensity is weakening allowing positive change. Uranus has given you the energy and opportunity to break through limiting and boring personal and business situations. Now use the power of Pluto to create a sense of personal security, emotional peace and satisfaction to life.