Libra – Mercury planet of communications is retrograde three times this year the first is from March 5 through March 28 so keep your eyes on your responsibilities be a success at work. The second retrograde is from July 8 through August 1 please use common sense in group situations. His third and final retrograde is October 31 of November 20, so be careful with budgets and investments. Venus goddess of love and romance brings a romantic dream as she conjuncts Jupiter in March. You’ll enjoy a late spring adventure June 10 through July 3. Venus brings sparkles to your sign from September 15 through October 9. Be careful with passion and resources in mid-May when Venus conjuncts erratic and individualistic . Mars planet of action and desire brings best times to go for what you want April 1 through May 17. He is in your first house from October 5 through November 20, making you more aggressive. Be careful around Valentines day when Mars conjuncts erratic and individualistic . Jupiter King of the gods and planet of Good Fortune brings opportunities all year in deepening your knowledge and impressing important people. Saturn the Lord of karma asks you to focus on home, family and security issues. Uranus, the earth shaker re enters Taurus March 6 be prepared for change in your individuality. Don’t try to remain normal if you need to change. Neptune the planet of spirituality brings creative energy to your sixth house inspiring you to be creative and expressive. Pluto planet of death and resurrection in your fourth house helps create a deep sense of personal security, emotional peace and satisfaction.