Libra – Jupiter moves direct in your 11 house till 8/11 bringing a new wave of energy that expands your natural ability to influence other people. Social groups and activities bring new opportunities to network with All the right people. You can gain success by sharing your ideas for a better world with like minded people. The success you desire comes as you develop the ability to blend your talents and dreams into a larger picture.

Libra – Pluto Retrograde in the 4 th house of foundations compels you to examine the foundation of your emotional nature and sense of inner security. Pluto expects honesty and can be ruthless in destroying false forms. You need to strengthen your sense of identity and the substance of your being. Your psychic abilities and emotions can be powerful so use them to eliminate personal fears and you will feel healed.

Libra – Mercury joins Mars in your 8 th house of intimacy. Your deeper intuition is stimulated and you need to listen to your feelings about other people. You may be aggressive in business and financial dealings so make sure your plans are practical. Take care with your sensuality and remember to give what you expect to receive. Negotiate do not demand.