Libra – Jupiter retrograde in your 12 house which can bring some emotional and spiritual confusion. You must review your inner nature, your fears and hidden motivations. Prayer and meditation will help deepen your spiritual intuition and clarity of mind.
Libra – Saturn’s retrograde in your 3 suggests you review the way you experience the world and all the information that comes your way. Do new ideas inspire or confuse you. New ideas should be useful and practical. Learn to communicate effectively.

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Libra – Mercury enters your 8 house. You can feel a rebirth of your vital energy and barriers to communicate with partners on a deep sensual level may be removed.
Venus brings her charm to your 7 house adding a sense of cooperation and appreciation of your business and personal partners. You are willing to listen to their ideas and will happily support their plans.

Libra – Mars goes retrograde in your 3 – consider the action was taken a regard to learning and travel. Knowledge is power but it cannot be gained through force. Stay focused and organized, be efficient and not flighty. Words have the power to heal wound. Communicate with gentleness and caring.

Libra – Pluto Retrograde in the 4 th house of foundations compels you to examine the foundation of your emotional nature and sense of inner security. Pluto expects honesty and can be ruthless in destroying false forms. You need to strengthen your sense of identity and the substance of your being. Your psychic abilities and emotions can be powerful so use them to eliminate personal fears and you will feel healed.