Libra – (1) the month begins with Mercury sextile Pluto. This positive energy connects your 6 and 4 houses suggesting you listen to your deep inner voices about your work situations for more security. Venus sextile Mars connects your 7 and 9 houses partners may help you develop ambitious plans for the future. A Mars Neptune Square at the end of the week suggests you keep your ambitions quiet. Others may not understand your goals.

Libra – (2) the second week begins with a flurry that includes positive aspects to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. This should keep you busy at work and play. The New Moon lights up your7 house and Venus squares Pluto in the house of emotional foundations so focus on issues that make you feel more secure. The entry of Venus in Taurus brings a midweek lull in your routine but be ready for the promise of excitement on the weekend.

Libra – (3) the third week is a mixture of positive and challenging energies. Mercury and Venus in your 8 house conjunct exciting Uranus bring sudden and unexpected opportunities in intimate relationships and investments. But later in the week Mercury and Venus will square Saturn and you’ll have to keep everything above board. Other people may not understand your ambitions because they don’t see the future potential you see.

Libra – (4) the fourth week sees a subtle energy change as slow but effective Pluto changes to retrograde mode. You may have to make some changes to protect your security Your intuition can’t help so use your logic when making decisions. This may be reinforced by a Sun Uranus conjunction in your 8 house which may bring sudden and unexpected changes in shared financial issues. Let common sense be your guide in emotional situations.