Libra – The month begins with a powerful Mercury Pluto Square from your 8 th to fifth house. It is important that you take a deep look at the energies and creative projects you share with others. There could be money involved or other investments. On another level, you need to understand what you should give and receive in romantic and intimate matters. No manipulation allowed. A sextile from Saturn to Mercury will help you maintain common sense. The Full Moon falls in your 1 st house of personality. You may be very sensitive and emotional which is not your comfort zone. You must be aware of how you are feeling and what type of energy you are projecting. Make sure you control yourself.

Libra – week 2 opens with Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Mars. Since Venus and Mercury are in your 8th house of shared energy it is important for you to think about how people have helped and supported your ideas. You may be in a time period of renewal so pay attention to new opportunities that can change your attitudes about what you really value. The Venus trine to Pluto will show you the importance of feeling you have the emotional support you need. Jupiter conjunct the Sun in your 7 th house of relationships can bring some good news and expansive plans. You may find a bit of good luck coming your way through a friend or partner. Put your best foot forward when in public.

Libra – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun-Pluto Square that connects your 8 th and 5 th houses. This presents you with an important dilemma that demands your attention. You may be faced with a challenge to understand how to join your creative energy with the ideas of others so work can get done. The problem may be a clash of ego’s or a tendency to be stubborn. You need to work out the personal issues so more important work can get done. A New Moon in your 7 th house may bing the energy you need to see the possibilities cooperation can bring. You may need to negotiate a new plan of action that includes the ideas of partners. This will may life a lot easier.

Libra – 4 The month ends with some very nice energy as the Sun in your 8 th house sextiles Saturn in the 6 th bringing stability in your daily routines and work schedule. Take some time to understand how you can regenerate your personal energy. Mars in your 10 th house of career will sextile Uranus in your 8 th house of shared energy. This brings new energy to the way interact with others in business and intimate situations. Follow a hunch. Venus will conjunct the Moon in your 9 th house of the higher mind and understanding. Take advantage of this fleeting energy by spending time with people and ideas that are new and exciting. They may inspire you to follow your highest ambitions.