Libra –  A new moon in your seventh house of partnerships and coming before the public tells you to share energy with those you love.  You can take a supporting role while your partner leads the way.  The power of negotiation will keep partners on a positive and productive track. A huge energy shift occurs towards the end of the month so check out the Cosmic Challenge.

Libra – The Conjunction of Venus and Neptune is in Pisces and your 6th house is illuminated by this energy so be willing to open yourself to a new more imaginative approach to old routines.  If you use your creative abilities in your work you may experience a profound inspiration that leads to a creative achievement.  Take some time to change your daily habit patterns for sensuality is dangerous while common sense is rewarded with positive growth.  You may find love at work or in a coop.

Libra – the Cosmic Challenge – Mars stimulates action in your 1 house warning you to think before you speak or take aggressive action. Be aware that his opposition to Uranus in the 7 house effects both business and personal relationships which are subject to sudden upheaval and change if willfulness supercedes the path of cooperation. Jupiter in the 10 house warns you to protect your reputation for blind ambition can backfire if you don’t follow the rules.  Pluto in your 4 house asks you purge negative emotions to deepen your sense of security.  Curb impulsive action, make peace with partners, follow your true path and you will find your pot of gold.