Libra, the Sun Mercury and Jupiter are energizing your11 as the month begins increasing your ability to blend your energy and creativity with important groups of people. This is a great time to do volunteer work or become involved in a social cause. New friendships will be formed with like minded people. Use the power of negotiation and cooperation to effect social and political change. You are a star.

Libra – Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your 11 on the 18th. Indulge your friends and loved ones and you can win a few hearts. Accept the good that comes to you with humility. Don’t go overboard in physical pleasure with new people – get to know then for a while. Don’t be jealous of others good fortune and you may attract some fortune of your own. Make what ever glows – last.

Libra Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 25th in house 2 Mars is ambitious for financial reward and material acquisition but he can also signify loss through impulsive spending and investments. Its nice to make extra money but greed can be danger The conjunction with Saturn indicates you need to take a serious look at your finances. Make sure you balance your budget before making any new acquisitions. You need to use restraint and you should invest for the long haul. Don’t worry about money, take care of it.