Libra – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Scorpio and your 2 house of money and resources. This is his final transit here for the next 27 years. You must take some time to understand the substance of your being. This house is usually thought of in relations to money and possessions but it goes much further. We get money and possessions by exercising our talents and improving our abilities. You need to improve your effectiveness as a person so that you can attract what you need and value.

Libra – Jupiter enters Virgo and your 12th house limitations and spirituality on August 11. Jupiter is in detriment in this sign so you may have to make some adjustments in the areas of spirituality and your inner being. This area of your chart deals with hidden issues, dreams and intuition. Opportunities will come if you take time for quiet, meditation and mind – body activities like tai chi and yoga. This can be a healing time that helps point your life in a positive new direction. Keep a positive Outlook.

Libra – Venus retrograde in your 11 house of friends and associations suggests you need to re-evaluate the time and energy you share with groups of people. What is the essence of what you give to others and what value do you get in return? Many people join groups out of self interest… but you may have more legitimate humanitarian feelings. Your altruistic nature brings back old contacts and may lead to a possible romance.