Libra – a combination of easy aspect begins the month on a positive note. Mars energizes your emotional nature enhancing your social activities while Saturn stabilizes your mind allowing you to think clearly. The new moon in your 11 brings opportunities for travel and learning so plan a trip to an exciting destination or start a new course of study.

Libra – Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius and your 3 house of mind and communications. You’ve had time to realize how your experiences have influenced your perceptions of life. Your mind has been shaped by your education and everyday realities. If you’ve learned your lessons well, you have analyzed and categorized knowledge so you can be more efficient and effective and as a person. This will make you more effective.

Libra Mars in your 3 energizes your search for useful knowledge. You want to learn new things so you can be more competitive. This can help in business but remember not to be combative and pushy. The conjunction to Saturn indicates a yellow light on the highway so use caution in travel and communications. You need to focus your energy on gaining depth so you can be more effective. Use delays to enhance your abilities.

Libra – beautiful Venus joins expansive Jupiter in Virgo and your 12 house. An aura of opportunity suggests its time to turn away from the world and deepen your spiritual side. This will allow you to heal what ever may be bothering you on a psychic or spiritual level. You may get inspired guidance from your dreams and you can almost feel your Guardian Angel near you. Strengthen your inner self now and you will be able to take on the world in the year to come.