Libra – The month begins as Mercury in your 10th house opposes Pluto in your fourth house of family and emotional foundations. Career or social challenges may cause some friction at home. This is not the time to put all your energy into work. A spike of energy occurs on the fourth when Mars in the 7 squares Jupiter in your fourth house of foundations. Excess or willfulness can cause problems with family members or with home repairs. Mars in the 7 stimulates your need to stand out in the crowd. The square to Pluto on the 13 th in your 4 th house intensifies your need to find emotional security at the depth of your being and you may feel you must stand on your own. Uranus turns retrograde on the 15 th in your 8 th house & asks you to review any changes you’ve made to your intimate and business partnerships. Neptune in your 6th house. This is the house of work and health so you may have some changes in those areas. Use your creativity and ingenuity to tackle the demands at work. Neptune’s trine to Venus on the 27 th in the 10 may bring an opportunity to advance in your career.