Libra – (1) the month begins with the Sun and Mercury in Leo 11 house of associates opposite Saturn and Aquarius in your 5 house. You want to share your creativity with others but maybe afraid of rejection. Be careful of a Sun-Mercury Square to Uranus in your 8 house can create emotional upsets that have a deep impact on others’ feelings. It would be better to focus on improving your sense of self and your talents.

Libra – (2) the second week begins with Venus opposition to Neptune from your 12 to 6 houses. This can be a difficult energy that pits your values and feelings against the dreams of others. Try to keep your emotions clear. A nice Venus-Pluto trine from your 4 th house may soothe any hurt feelings based on deeply held beliefs. Use your ability to understand others’ values and you can give them a sense of self-worth and create peace.

Libra – (3) the third week is disrupted by Uranus going retrograde 8 house of hared energy. You must be careful not to be too independent when dealing with others for you may be unaware of their feelings and not know it. This will be extremely important as the Sun will oppose Jupiter from the 11 to 5 houses. This energy suggests conflicts between your need for pleasure and enjoyment and the needs of your friends.

Libra – (4) The fourth week features much easier energy as Venus in the 1 house trines Saturn in your 5 house. This combination brings the promise of understanding and perhaps some romance as you are comfortable opening up to partners. Mercury in the 12 house trine Pluto in the 4 will support a heart-to-heart talk that creates a sense of trust. This will pave the way for cooperation and understanding that can lead to happiness.