Libra – a sense of optimism opens the month as the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit fiery Sagittarius giving you the opportunity to lift your spirit. Your third house is activated so you’re extra excited with all the possibilities for visiting with friends and relations. Talk will be friendly and full of happiness and you’ll sparkle as the center of attention at holiday parties. You’re always fun to talk to and you know how to please others. This is a good time to plan for a romantic winter getaway.

Libra – Jupiter goes retrograde in your 11 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. You may have met a lot of new people and your social life has brought opportunities to broaden your understanding of the world. Now its time to make some value judgements. Do the people you admire really represent what you want to be? If not you must pull back and stay true to your beliefs.

Libra -After Jupiter slowed things down earlier in the month, Uranus goes direct in your 7 renewing holiday excitement. Its great to be with people you love over the holidays and a bummer to be alone. You must understand that relationships demand sharing of ideas and beliefs. Its nice to have the excitement of a new affair but you could also deepen a special love. Take a new approach to creating happiness in your love life.