Libra, The month begins with a gentle burst of energy that highlights your third house, Be open to new ideas and travel. There may be a lot of conversation, visits and travel. Be the hostess with the mostest.

Libra – Venus is in the 2 nd house inspires you to spend money on things you love. But before you go shopping but make sure you have some extra money to spend. Check your bank balance and your investments. Expensive baubles have a hypnotic effect so think before you buy. Does that object have a special value. Beauty and glitter can be intoxicating so use common sense.

Libra – Mars 1 stimulates your physical energy and need for adventure. You ‘re more impulsive than usual and might surprise your friends by breaking out of your shell. This can be a good time to move ahead in life but you must disciplined your energy. His Opposition to Uranus on December 10 th in the 7 bring challenges through relationships. Don’t take foolish risks in public to please others and live within the letter of the law. Don’t get into a battle of wills and guard your reputation.

Libra – the Full Moon Christmas illuminates your 10 th house of career and social status. Don’t allow business concerns to get in the way of family celebrations. The strength that you display in the world is based on your inner strength which comes from the personal support you receive at home. Use your skill at negotiation to keep your life balanced and you’ll feel your in control.