Libra – The month begins with a highly energized last quarter moon that brings the extra intensity of Mars to your 2 house. Things might not stack up exactly as you planed. Keep a sharp eye on unexpected expenses. If you control your budget now, you’ll have more money to spend on the goodies during next week’s Super Bowl and Chinese new year.

Libra – Super Bowl weekend starts with a Venus Pluto conjunction in your 4 house. The excitement of the weekend is calling to you so make sure you’re prepared. Make a special effort to give your loved one all the attention they need. Then Venus squares Uranus in your 7 house on Saturday warns you to maintain a sense of harmony with loved ones. Negotiate to keep peace.
Mars square’s the sun from your 2 house on Sunday bringing a sense of extra energy. There’s electricity in the air. Use this energy to keep everyone entertained and happy. Monday brings the energy of the new moon in your 5 house and the Chinese new year. Use this new cycle to plan new creative projects and take time to enjoy an evening filled with romance.

Libra – the sun conjuncts Neptune in your 6 house this is a special once a year transit that enhances the visionary and spiritual qualities of life. It illuminates your 6 house of health and daily routines. You would be wise to allow inspiration to motivate your actions in important work projects. A new visionary experience can lead to important creative breakthrough’s. On the health front you might want to add yoga and meditation to your daily routine while cutting back on the sweets.