Libra – (1) the month begins with a powerful and contradictory New Moon Conjunct Saturn in your 5 th house. The New Moon is outgoing and full of spontaneous energy. But the conjunction with Saturn challenges you to be careful and not push beyond personal boundaries. This asks you to slow down in romance. Mercury turns direct on the third and can bring clarity into the picture especially in regard to family responsibilities. You must be clear when speaking with family members and with home improvements.

Libra – (2) the second week begins with Mars trine Uranus. This is a positive and energizing aspect that connects your 4 th house of foundations and your 8 th house of shared energy. You may have some great ideas for adding new technology to your home but you may have to consider the feelings of family members. Talk it out and show the benefits to everyone. The Conjunction of Mercury and Pluto also in the 4 th house suggests you may be able to negotiate a deal that will make you feel more secure. Make sure you know what everyone wants.

Libra – (3) the third week begins as Venus conjuncts Mars in your 4 th house of foundations. This can bring an opportunity to beautify your home and make it more valuable. Know what everyone wants, and incorporate that knowledge into the way you present your plans. The Full Moon on the 16 th reinforces the idea of using your creativity to benefit a social cause. Working with others will increase your sense of value and acceptance. It’s important that you realize the value of networking to get important things done.

Libra – (4) the fourth week has Venus and Mars in your 4 th house sextile Neptune in the 6 th. This is a gentle and creative energy that can increase your ability to express creative ideas in your daily life. You may also receive emotions from family and loved ones. Use the depth of your intuition and do what feels right. Pluto and the Moon will join with the energy of Venus and Mars which can help you make any needed personal adjustments. You may feel that you want to do something different to deepen your satisfaction in life.