Libra – The first week has a Full Moon in Leo 11 house bringing social networking and associates to center stage. You will have to understand that people will be very sensitive and emotional so watch what you say in organizations or group meetings. This may be a good time to complete projects that can improve your business’s success. You need to be creative, and decisive but not pushy. The ego can be fragile at this time. Jupiter moves forward in your 7th house which is good news in business and personal interactions. This energy can bring new opportunities to work with the public.

Libra – Venus will be in your 6 th house so look for help from your co-workers. This is a good time to seek better conditions at work or even ask for a raise. You may be able to negotiate for new equipment that will make your job easier or an easier schedule. She will conjunct Neptune on the 15 th combining the spiritual and creative nature of Neptune with the earthy values nature of Venus. This can bring advancement through a creative solution to work problems. A new romance may develop with a co-worker but take care.

Libra – 3 The Sun will conjunct Saturn so this is an important time for a serious look at your romantic life. The Sun wants to shine and be loved, Saturn is more conservative and fearful. You may have to be more decisive in romance and you must be aware of others’ feelings. Don’t be condescending. If you are a creative person this may help you bring a new idea to reality. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20 th asks you to take a break from your busy work schedule so you can clear your head and use your intuition to help solve everyday problems.

Libra – The 4 week ends the month with a Stellium of planets including Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter in Aries and your seventh house of relationships. They are also joined by Chiron the wounded healer. This is a powerful and positive combination of energy that brings a boost to your partnership both in business and personal affairs. You may start a new and promising relationship that can heal old wounds. Just remember to allow both people a little room to be independent. Relationships should add to each individual not suffocate them.