Libra – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 10th house of status with your 12 house of limitation. You have a green light to stand out of the crowd and make your mark in the world. Be involved in business and social activities so you can put your best foot forward. Just remember to use the depth of your spirit to impress important people. This is a good time for deepening your understanding and self control.

Libra – The Sun and Mercury in your 10th house oppose Pluto in your fourth house of emotional foundations. Your attempts to gain success in your career or the social arena may cause some friction at home. Don’t forget the ones you love the most. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 7 suggests that success in the outer world is often built on inner emotional foundations. If you are too independent, you will have to stand alone. Cooperation can bring success.

Libra – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 11 will be helpful when working in social groups or professional associations. You have a wonderful ability to know how to help other people and your compassionate nature is empowered at this time. The trine to Saturn in your 3 suggests that you take a practical approach to networking. Get involved with people who think and act the same way you do on a personal or professional level.. Together, your actions may create a better world.