Libra – Pluto continues to bring powerful changes to your fourth house of foundations. A beautiful trine from Venus as the month begins in the 8 house intensifies your sensual nature. Uranus 8 has brought you extra sensory and extra sensual experiences. The Sextile from Mercury in your 10 on the 7 may open opportunities on the career or social level. Mars in the10 brings extra energy to your drive for success. his trine to Neptune on the 14 th in the 6 brings inspiration and visionary experiences to work projects. On the 19 th Mercury in your 10th house opposes Pluto in your fourth house of family and emotional foundations. Career or social challenges may cause some friction at home. Pluto’s opposition to Mars intensifies your need to find emotional security at the depth of your being. Venus transiting on the 24 th in your 9 brings her sense of enjoyment to new possibilities. her square to Neptune 6 can bring challenges or confusion at work.