Libra – the new Moon falls in your 6 th house of health and work.  Its not too wise to be too sensitive at work but you can benefit by combining positive energy to your daily routine.  This can bring rewards on the creative and emotional levels.  Please maintain clarity.

Saturn Retrogade
Libra – You must learn from your experiences with money and your personal resources.  Have you increased your personal value or has your sense of well being eroded.  You must be responsible with money but you must also understand that your talents help you earn it.  Develop your talents and you will understand what is truly valuable in life.

Mars Retrograde
Libra – reevaluate how you have projected your ego and personal energy.  You may create some disagreements if you’re not careful so monitor your actions and words and don’t be too aggressive or pushy. A little wildness can go a long way so act with awareness.