Libra – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 8th House suggests that an undercurrent of energy may bring confusion between partners or in business deals. People you count on may say one thing and do another. Don’t take it to heart they may just be confused. This is a good time to double check important details in investments or other business ventures. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd will help eliminate any mis understanding and bring a new sense of direction to business projects and financial investments.

Libra – Jupiter moves direct in your 12 house of inner power bringing a new wave of energy to unlock your inner power. Spend some time in prayer and meditation so you can access the wisdom of your inner awareness. Your dreams and intuitive nature will give you guidance and you may be able to heal old wounds. Do volunteer work, develop your healing abilities and express your gentle compassion. Your Guardian Angel will guide and protect you.

Libra – the Full moon on June 2 falls in your 3rd house of thinking & travel. Your mind is a bit restless and fidgety as your emotions may be clouding your sense of logic. Its important to watch where you’re going and maintain your famous sense of political correctness. Words have an emotional impact at a Full Moon. Take time to analyze the details and you will not make silly mistakes.

Libra – Venus in the 9 house inspires you to broaden your interest in education and far away places. different people and cultures can add more color and spice to your life. Her opposition to Mars in the 3 house warns you to be careful in communications do not make demands or ask for too many favors. Other people may see you as pushy or excessive. You may be wiser to focus on your thinking and efficiency. Protect your sense of well being.