Libra – The month begins as Mercury is transiting your seventh house of partnerships. Every one’s nerves may be a bit on edge be gentle. A challenge from Saturn and Pluto in your fourth house warns you family members may be sensitive. Venus brings her charm to your 7 house adding a sense of cooperation and appreciation of partners. Listen to their ideas. Her trine to Jupiter in your 3 house on the 9th increases your energy and excitement about life. Mercury transits your 8 house and trines Saturn and Pluto in your 4 house from the 16 – 18 th. Security comes through hard work. Pluto compels you to examine your emotional nature and sense of self. The trine from Mercury in your 8 house brings a sense of rebirth to your vital energy. Be at one with partners. Mercury enters your 9 house enhancing your ability to learn new ideas and concepts. The Square to Neptune in your 6 on the 29 th can challenge you to be organized at work. Good habits lift your spirit.