Libra – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your 12 house to open up the month. Use the first week to spend sometime with your dreams and visions. This is a powerful time to clarify what you value and what you desire so Venus and Mars can work well together. The impulsive nature of Mars may need some extra guidance from the values that Venus gives you. The Secret Of Love is intimacy and compassion.

Libra – the New Moon on Nov 11 falls in your 2nd house of resources. This is a complex and intense Moon that combines the power of Scorpio and the energy of the Sun and Mercury. They say that money is power. But true power comes from personal awareness and self-control. Neither the Buddha nor Jesus had money. But they surely had power. Consider how you have developed your talents and used your resources for that is where your power lies.

Libra – Venus transiting Libra, the sign she rules and your 1 house of persdonality give you a hypnotic smile and gentle inspiration that can change your sense of self and your ability to influence others. There’s a green light for love and pleasure. However her opposition to disruptive Uranus 7 may bring excitement but also unexpected changes to business and personal relationships. Think twice if boredom temps you to taste unusual or exotic spice.

Libra the Saturn Neptune Square is a challenge of divergent forces that pits reality against illusion. Saturn through your 3 house of mind requires a practical approach ro knowledge. What have you learned from life and how have you made knowledge valuable. But Neptune in the 6 brings a more spiritual approach to daily living. You need to maintain discipline but you must also follow your dreams.