Libra – Neptune in your 6th house suggests some changes in your daily routine. Use your creativity and ingenuity to tackle the demands at work and you may be surprised by a nice reward. Meditation, natural healing techniques and a sensible diet may bring you a spiritual and emotional healing. Bad habits must be changed to protect your energy and nerves. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 2 may bring an opportunity to make more money through creative or visionary work.

Libra Uranus 7 has brought disruptive but exciting energies to your business partnership and personal relationships. If you’ve been bored new opportunities can spice up your life as you seek highly individualized people. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 3 house is great for assimilating new ideas, sharing them with your colleagues and seeking new adventures. Don’t waste this time staying home, get out and make new friends.

Libra – Mars moves into in your 5 stimulating your pleasure principle. It increases your sensuality and you’re willing to pursue your impulses. You have a tendency to come on too strong so make sure you’re not being self centered. respect the need of others to be themselves and use your physical energy carefully. Be creative, be expressive and enjoy sharing yourself

Libra – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 3 warns you to control your critical abilities. Your may be very a bit off balance and your ability to analyze information may be confused by false information. If you are unsure of details in important communications, check them twice. If you’re traveling, your GPS directions may be a bit messed up. Don’t suffer from mental overload and remember, worry is the mind killer.

Libra – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 4 intensifies the need to find emotional security at the depth of your being and you may have to do this by standing on your own. You need to discover the core of your being without feeling alone and this may change your values. The square from Jupiter in your 1 is excessive & warns you not to push your agenda. Family members may have their own needs and desires so you should consider them first. They may not have your energy.