October is always a transitional month and the first week of October starts under the light of the full moon and the tarot card Luna.
This card is often associated with difficulties or deception when dealing with other people but it is also the card that enhances
psychic abilities. The question becomes will you be able to keep yourself clear and avoid misunderstanding other people
and their motives. It’s important that you do not let your imagination run wild. Use your imagination as a productive tool.

Oct 1 – 7
This may be a bit difficult for the full moon represents an opposition between the sun in your first house of personality and personal projection and the Moon in your 7 house of partnerships and coming before the public. You are usually more logical than most but you may be feeling a bit at odds as all the emotions of the season climax on this day. You need to keep clarity and understanding in your relationships or if you’re out and about. Remember everybody’s a little bit extra stressed-out.

The next important change comes as the planet Venus goes into Virgo and your 12 house. This is not the happiest sign for Venus so you have to be careful not to be too critical of other people.
Venus transiting your 12 house of brings you inner strength and the ability to conquer your fear and insecurity. Just be certain your actions are above board. You also need to express your emotional sensitivity and compassion in a practical manner. This is a good time to be involved in spiritual pursuits and healing.

Oct 7 – 16

The weekend is disrupted by a clash between warriors -. and the coming confusion of Mercury retrograde the tower energy may best describe the conflict of energy. The tower is a card of disruption and unforeseen changes. No one likes a surprise especially if it destroys the status quo or what we have become accustomed to. Make sure you are careful in your reaction time and don’t let your ego get out of control. Others may be looking for a fight and this could be a fight to the finish.

The weekends as flighty Mercury in the 2 opposes erratic Uranus in the 8 house. This is a disruptive and confusing energy and this aspect happens twice this month, on the 7 th and 19. Uranus in the 8 can bring some challenges when dealing with other peoples and their money. Know what is yours and what is not. Be careful with investments as well as intimate issues. Don’t cheat on anything. Cooperation is mandatory now. The opposition to Mercury in the 2 house suggests that selfish and willful action may cost you a lot more than money so think before following blind passions.

Mars in the 7 stimulates your need to stand out in the crowd. You may come before the public and you need to cooperate with others in joint ventures to find more success in your life. Remember, two heads are better than one. The square to Pluto in your 4 th house intensifies your need to find emotional security at the depth of your being and you may feel you must stand on your own. You need to discover the core of your being without feeling lonely. Madness is isolation. Personal integrity may be the gift of this energy.

The Hanged man suggests we take a different perspective on our life – this can be a valuable lesson as Mercury now goes retrograde in your 2 nd House on the 13. You need to be wise about money because if you bet your money on a hunch or a proposal full of promise you may come up short. Check all the details in financial dealings He conjuncts the Sun on the 21 st adding some confusion to your words and actions. Think twice before you speak up.

Oct 17 – 24

The card of the week is the lovers – this card often suggests a choice must be made between following a good path or the possibility of flirting with temptation. There may be an important choice to be made which must be guided by your higher inspiration. You must remember love is a serious adventure that demands cooperation and commitment between two people. The illusion of love may be shattered by a Venus – Neptune opposition or the seriousness of love can be realized through the energy of a double trine from Venus to Pluto and Saturn.

Pluto continues to bring powerful changes to your fourth house. The deepest part of your emotions are being challenged so find your roots. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 12 house brings you spiritual strength and the ability to conquer some of your fear and insecurity. Just be certain your actions are above board. No secret romances allowed. The trine to Saturn stabilizes your emotional boundaries. A real sense of security is earned through hard work and self-confidence. You’ll feel more successful.

Oct 25 – 31

The card for the beginning of the week is the Four of Swords – the energy here is that of rest. Much has gone on during this transitional month and you may need to gather your forces together in quiet solitude for another jolt is coming in the future. It is the combination of the full moon conjunct Uranus at the end of the week. The Wheel of Fortune may be an appropriate card for surely change energy is in the air.

.the Full moon Uranus Conjunction falls in your 8 house opposite the Sun in your 2 suggests balance must be maintained between your financial needs and the demands of others. Selfishness and fights over who’s robbing the piggy bank to quench their desires hurts everyone. Use the power of negotiation rather than willfulness to create a compromise. The same may be true in the realm of desire and sensuality. Combine sensitivity with physical desire.