Libra – Venus transiting the sign Virgo and your 12 house inspires you to spend some time alone. Make sure you keep your actions and thoughts above board. You may consider a secret romance or pleasure but good number comes from that. You would do better to use this energy in a kind and compassionate manner. So if someone needs your help extend the hand of friendship. Kindness will beget Kindness

Libra – Mars is transiting your 3 of learning, communications and travel. This energy will stimulate your mind and give you the energy and desire to go places and do things you want to do. Its time to expand your horizons so learn what you need & put good ideas into practice. You can be intellectually sharp but a bit competitive so watch your words and tone of voice. Mars can be a bit impulsive so take care in travel and communications.

Libra – Pluto – A deep slow revolution is happening in your fourth house – Do you feel secure in your life? The deepest part of your emotions are being challenged and you need to find your roots. Look carefully at your early home and family life. Did you get the support you needed to move out into life or was there something missing. Just as body strength begins with core muscles emotional strength begins with your spiritual core. Build your sense of spiritual integrity.